Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dog Blog -- Post #7 -- Things I Like


It's rainy today. I can't go out. So I thought I'd take a moment or two to think about the things I like.

Hanging at the park with my peeps and the humans is pretty fun.

But I've got to say, humans have no sense when it comes to play time. They always want to go somewhere else just when you're getting started. So, if my leash is on the fence, then you know I'm having a good time and not getting dragged some place else. So, we love the hanging leash...

Gotta love the girl.

Belly rubs.

Love chewing the ball.

And then there's the holidays. There is no gainsaying the charm of the holidays. Christmas.

Trees smell good. Those shiny things are really crunchy. And everybody is in a good mood, so you can get away with murder. I really do like hanging on the couch -- no matter what Alpha says about it!

And you get to visit with pals. That's Nelson and Tamba.

Aunt Anne getting a hug. She looooves her some dawg.

Everyone's in a good mood for the holidays, so you can get away hanging at the table.
You're looking at one of the world's best food stealers.

And that's my cousin Tamba hanging in the backyard before Thanksgiving dinner.

Tiahna is his Alpha.

The three amigos waiting for a treat. Love that turkey!

Tamba sleeping off the triptophans.

Sometimes, we go to Aunt Anne and Uncle Ho's.
It's much more civilized at their home. Dogs get to sit on the couch.

Aunt Anne is the most amazing cook. One day, us dogs will get some of that turkey while it's still on the table -- not just scraps!
Well, it stopped raining. Alpha's taking me to the park. So... Gotta go...
Snout out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dog Blog -- Post #6 -- Being There


I've got it pretty easy today.

Alpha went off to the Staples Center, and he's doing all the heavy lifting. I might have a comment or two, though.

Clearly, this was not a convention of snappy dressers. Nooop. Alpha was going to watch the inaguration -- whatever that is. I'm not exactly sure what was going on. It's kind of like a human dog park, only more crowded.

There was some president guy or something. Alpha was pretty excited. Beats me.

Lots of people were excited.
Little kids.

The crowd.

Everyone looks pretty proud. I don't know what was going on exactly, but people seemed pretty happy. I watched on TV (okay, maybe I was up on the couch at the time -- don't tell Alpha) and it seemed like maybe this was a ceremony people do when the pack gets a new alpha.

I wish I could have been there.

Still, some things never change.

Snout out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Dog Blog -- Post #5 -- Pals


This is my pal Jasper.

This is his Alpha Scott.

Alpha Scott dropped Jasper off to spend the night.

Only I’m not sure Jasper knew he was spending the night. He was kind of sad after his Alpha left.

And I kind of made it worse because I like biting his neck and… Well… Okay… I did steal his collar. He was kind of upset.

I didn’t know it meant so much to him. Alpha rescued it from me, put it up on the table so I couldn't tear it apart. I'm glad; Jasper really likes his collar.

Jasper and me worked it out.

We played tug the bone.

Got into the trash. Jasper, I'm sorry I let you take the blame for that one.

I ate Jasper’s food. Jasper ate mine. Alpha says the result of us eating the wrong food should have been outlawed by the Geneva Convention. I don't know what he could mean by that. Pfffffff....

We went to the park.

Then we caught our breath.

So we got comfy on Alpha’s bed, took a nice little nap.

I’m really glad Jasper is my bud.

Snout out.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Dog Blog -- Post #4 -- Comeuppance


Every morning, Alpha takes me to the dog park.

Now generally speaking, this is a good thing. We started doing this more regularly -- pretty much every day -- after my littermate Bridget went off to college. I miss Bridget.

Even though she's a human, we used to play a lot, wrestle -- I could always beat her at tug the leash!
I think Alpha feels bad that I don't have Bridget to play with, and so he makes sure I get some park time every day. And like I said, generally speaking, it's a good thing.

But lately, well, Vigo has been getting out of hand.

Vigo is pretty much the best athlete I've ever seen. I mean, I used to be pretty much the fastest dog at the park, but Vigo, Vigo can catch me like I'm standing still.

But sometimes, Vigo can be a real dick. He plays too rough and I can't really make him stop.

So, lately when we go to the park... Well, I'm not always looking forward to it, you know.

I've been thinking of having a talk with Alpha about this, maybe chewing up a few of his favorite books and then he gets mad and decides to punish me and not take me to the park, only...

Vigo was being especially dick-like, and well... sometimes humans are okay. Vigo's Alpha rolled him. I mean rolled him! All four in the air. Knee in his chest. And she wouldn't let him up for a long time -- not until he really got it that he had to take it easy on the rest of us at the park. Yeah, it was okay.

Yeah, maybe we did laugh a little...

Okay, maybe it was a lot. All I know is Vigo got it good and I'm looking forward to going to the park again. You know, god is dog spelled backwards. Maybe there's something to that.

Snout out.