Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Dog Blog -- Post #4 -- Comeuppance


Every morning, Alpha takes me to the dog park.

Now generally speaking, this is a good thing. We started doing this more regularly -- pretty much every day -- after my littermate Bridget went off to college. I miss Bridget.

Even though she's a human, we used to play a lot, wrestle -- I could always beat her at tug the leash!
I think Alpha feels bad that I don't have Bridget to play with, and so he makes sure I get some park time every day. And like I said, generally speaking, it's a good thing.

But lately, well, Vigo has been getting out of hand.

Vigo is pretty much the best athlete I've ever seen. I mean, I used to be pretty much the fastest dog at the park, but Vigo, Vigo can catch me like I'm standing still.

But sometimes, Vigo can be a real dick. He plays too rough and I can't really make him stop.

So, lately when we go to the park... Well, I'm not always looking forward to it, you know.

I've been thinking of having a talk with Alpha about this, maybe chewing up a few of his favorite books and then he gets mad and decides to punish me and not take me to the park, only...

Vigo was being especially dick-like, and well... sometimes humans are okay. Vigo's Alpha rolled him. I mean rolled him! All four in the air. Knee in his chest. And she wouldn't let him up for a long time -- not until he really got it that he had to take it easy on the rest of us at the park. Yeah, it was okay.

Yeah, maybe we did laugh a little...

Okay, maybe it was a lot. All I know is Vigo got it good and I'm looking forward to going to the park again. You know, god is dog spelled backwards. Maybe there's something to that.

Snout out.