Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dog Blog -- Post #7 -- Things I Like


It's rainy today. I can't go out. So I thought I'd take a moment or two to think about the things I like.

Hanging at the park with my peeps and the humans is pretty fun.

But I've got to say, humans have no sense when it comes to play time. They always want to go somewhere else just when you're getting started. So, if my leash is on the fence, then you know I'm having a good time and not getting dragged some place else. So, we love the hanging leash...

Gotta love the girl.

Belly rubs.

Love chewing the ball.

And then there's the holidays. There is no gainsaying the charm of the holidays. Christmas.

Trees smell good. Those shiny things are really crunchy. And everybody is in a good mood, so you can get away with murder. I really do like hanging on the couch -- no matter what Alpha says about it!

And you get to visit with pals. That's Nelson and Tamba.

Aunt Anne getting a hug. She looooves her some dawg.

Everyone's in a good mood for the holidays, so you can get away hanging at the table.
You're looking at one of the world's best food stealers.

And that's my cousin Tamba hanging in the backyard before Thanksgiving dinner.

Tiahna is his Alpha.

The three amigos waiting for a treat. Love that turkey!

Tamba sleeping off the triptophans.

Sometimes, we go to Aunt Anne and Uncle Ho's.
It's much more civilized at their home. Dogs get to sit on the couch.

Aunt Anne is the most amazing cook. One day, us dogs will get some of that turkey while it's still on the table -- not just scraps!
Well, it stopped raining. Alpha's taking me to the park. So... Gotta go...
Snout out.